Watts Electronics - Resistor

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Product Specification

Heet Electro Devices is an authorized distributor of Watts Electronics products in India.


Watts Electronics Pvt Ltdwas founded. Starting with the production of just 1/4 W Carbon Film Resistors, the company has been adding to its range of products, specialising on a full range of Metal Film, Carbon Film, Metal Oxide and Wire Wound resistors. In its never-ending quest for excellence and growth, watts has entered the field of marketing of Chip Resistors also.

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Product Details

  • Metal Film / Carbon Film / Metal Oxide / Wire wound res.
  • Fuseable wire wound resistors / 1/4w,1/2w ,1w , 2w & 3w
  • SMD resistors 0603 / 0805 / 1206 / 2010 / 2512 size
  • Leaded & SMD Diodes 1N4007/ BA159/ M7 / RS1M