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Product Specification


  • 8-bit, fully static CMOS microcontroller
  • Optional modes include 12T and 6T.
  • 12T Mode operates at 12 clocks per machine cycle (by default), at speeds up to 40 MHz/5V.
  • 6T Mode operates at 6 clocks per machine cycle chosen by the author.
  • Up to 20 MHz/5 V of speed
  • The supplied voltage ranges from 2.4V to 5.5V.
  • Temperature range: (-40°C to 85°C).
  • "PCS-51 Pin and Instruction Sets Compatibility"
  • On-chip scratchpad RAM of 256 bytes
  • Electrically erasable/programmable Flash EPROM, 16K/8Kbytes
  • ISP capability is supported via a 2K bytes LDROM (Reference Application Note)
  • Address space for programme memory of 64 KB
  • Data memory address area of 64 KB
  • 4 bi-directional 8-bit ports
  • 4-level interrupt capability with 8 sources
  • AdditionalINT2/INT3 (available on PQFP, PLCC, and LQFP package), one more 4-bit bit-addressable I/O porta trio of 16-bit timer/countersone serial port that is full duplex
  • Monitor Timer
  • Software Reset, EMI reduction mode, and built-in power management with idle mode
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Product Details

An 8-bit microcontroller with a broader frequency range and low power consumption is the W78E054D/W78E052Dseries. The W78E054D/W78E052Dseries instruction set is completely compliant with the 8052 industry standard. The W78E054D/W78E052Dseries includes three 16-bit timer/counters, a hardware watchdog timer, a serial port, a 256 bytes RAM, four 8-bit bi-directional (P0, P1, P2, P3) and bit-addressable I/O ports, an additional 4-bit I/O port, and 16K/8Kbytes of Flash EPROM that can be programmed by hardware writers. These peripherals can receive interrupts from 8 sources at 4-levels of granularity.

The W78E054D/W78E052Dseries' Flash EPROM enables electronic programming and reading of the programme memory to simplify programming and verification. When the code is verified, the user can make it secure by protecting it. TheW78E054D/W78E052Dseries microcontroller includes two software-selectable power-saving modes: idle mode and power-down mode. While the CPU clock is off in idle mode, peripheral devices can still function.

The crystal oscillator is turned off in the power-down mode to use the least amount of electricity possible. The CPU won't be impacted if the external clock is interrupted at any moment or in any condition. The In-System Programmable (ISP) 2KB LDROM for loader programme is part of the W78E054D/W78E052D family, which operates between 3.3V and 5.5V.


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