Voltage to Current Converter

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Product Specification

Analog Microelectronics offers an extensive range of voltage-to-current converter ICs. The voltage-to-current converter product family comprises ICs for differential or single-ended input voltages with current output stages with adjustable output signal (e.g. 0 … 20 mA or 4 … 20 mA) for current-loop or single ended 3-wire operation. All ICs offer various protection functions (e.g. short circuit, reverse polarity, overvoltage protection), an internal voltage reference and are suitable for an industrial voltage range of 6 to 35 V. At a supply voltage of 24 V load resistors up to 500 Ω can be used.

AM462 is an industrial voltage-to-current converter IC. It converts a single-ended input voltage into a current output signal with adjustable offset and gain. With its protection functions and integrated voltage and current source it is suitable for industrial sensing and signal-conditioning in current-loop or three-wire applications.

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Product Details

  • AM400 Universal Amplifier and Voltage-to-Current Converter IC 
  • AM402 Voltage-to-Current Converter IC
  • AM422-1 Voltage-to-Current Converter IC for 3-Wire Operation
  • AM422-2 Voltage-to-Current Converter IC
  • AM452 Voltage-to-Current Converter IC
  • AM460 Industrial Amplifier and Voltage-to-Current Converter IC
  • AM462 Industrial Voltage-to-Current Converter IC