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Product Specification

The USB Starter Kit AMS 5105 is designed for easy individual configuration and adjustment of the two switching outputs of AMS 5105 pressure sensor/ pressure switch using a standard PC with USB interface. Together with the relevant software the customer can configure the two independent switching outputs of the AMS 5105 as normally open, normally close or in window mode and can adjust the specific thresholds, hysteresis and switching delays for both switching outputs individually. In addition it is possible to display the AMS5105 internal calculated corrected digital pressure and temperature values for analysis purpose using the starter kit software. The starter kit consists of two printed circuit boards and the relevant communication software package CS5105 distributed on the starter kit CD. A Windows PC with an USB port and with operating system XP SP3 or above is required for operation. The kit will be supplied by the USB port, an external supply isn’t necessary.

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