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Product Specification


• Simple ON/OFF control requires no loop compensation

• A selectable current limit via the value of the BP/M capacitor

• A higher current limit increases maximum continuous power or peak power in open frame applications.

• Lower current limit increases effectiveness in enclosed chargers

• Enables the best TinySwitch-III selection by switching out devices without requiring a circuit redesign.

• Low I2F parameter tolerance lowers system expense

• Increases the power supply from magnetics and MOSFETs

• Reduces cost of transformer, primary clamp, and secondary components by minimising maximum overload power.

• Low line regulation range/hold-up time is extended with ON-time extension to decrease input bulk capacitance.

• Self-biased: no bias components or windings

• EMI filter prices are decreased via frequency jittering.

• Heatsinking to the PCB is made simpler by pin-out

• Electrically quiet SOURCE pins for reduced EMI



• Chargers and adapters for MP3/portable music players, electric shavers, digital cameras, PDAs, mobile and cordless phones, etc.

• PC Standby and other supplemental materials

• Low power set top decoders for DVD/PVR and other media

• Materials for industrial systems, metres, and other equipment.

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Product Details

A 700 V power MOSFET, oscillator, high-voltage switched current source, current limit (user selected), and thermal shutdown circuitry are all included in TinySwitch-III. The IC series offers a design-flexible solution with a low system cost and increased power capabilities. It also employs an ON/OFF control method.

A power supply controller and a high-voltage power MOSFET switch are both included in the TinySwitch-III. It employs a straightforward ON/OFF control to govern the output voltage, in contrast to traditional PWM (pulse width modulator) controllers.
The controller consists of a current limit state machine, a 5.85 V regulator, a BYPASS/ MULTI-FUNCTION pin under voltage, overvoltage circuit, and current limit selection circuitry, as well as an oscillator, enable circuit (sense and logic), over-temperature protection, a current limit circuit, leading edge blanking, and a 700 V power MOSFET. Additional circuitry for line under voltage sensing, auto-restart, adaptive switching cycle on-time extension, and frequency jitter is included in TinySwitch-III.


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