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Product Specification

Interface - SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE

  • SPI
  • UART

Supply voltage - SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE

  • 4.5...5.5V DC

Additional information - SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE

  • Gross weight: 6.773 g
  • Manufacturer part number: SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE

Features: SST89E516RD-40-C-PIE

  • 8-bit 8051-Compatible Microcontroller (MCU)with Embedded SuperFlash Memory? Fully Software-Compatible? Development Toolset Compatible? Pin-For-Pin Package Compatible
  • Dual Block SuperFlash EEPROM? 64 KByte primary block 8 KByte secondary block(128-Byte sector size for both blocks)? Individual Block Security Lock with SoftLock? Concurrent Operation duringIn-Application Programming (IAP)? Memory Overlay for Interrupt Support during IAP
  • Support External Address Range up to 64KByte of Program and Data Memory
  • Three High-Current Drive Ports (16 mA each)
  • Three 16-bit Timers/Counters
  • Full-Duplex, Enhanced UART? Framing Error Detection? Automatic Address Recognition
  • Ten Interrupt Sources at 4 Priority Levels? Four External Interrupt Inputs
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer (WDT)
  • Programmable Counter Array (PCA)
  • Second DPTR register
  • Low EMI Mode (Inhibit ALE)
  • SPI Serial Interface
  • Standard 12 Clocks per cycle, the device has an option to double the speed to 6 clocks per cycle.
  • TTL- and CMOS-Compatible Logic Levels
  • Brown-out Detection
  • Low Power Modes? Power-down Mode with External Interrupt Wake-up? Idle Mode
  • Packages Available? 40-contact WQFN (Port 4 feature not available)? 44-lead PLCC? 40-pin PDIP (Port 4 feature not available)? 44-lead TQFP
  • All non-Pb (lead-free) devices are RoHS compliant
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Product Details

SST89E516RD2-40-C-PIE- Microchip - 40 Pin PDIP - 8051 Core Microcontroller - Replaces NXP P89V51RD2

The SST SST89x516RD2 is an 8051-based microcontroller with Embedded Flash Memory, 3 16-bit Timers, UART, WDT, PCA, 32 I/O pins, Dual Data Pointers, SPI etc. It's a 100% Pin drop replacement to NXP's P89V51RD2 microcontroller, It has an inbuilt bootloader and does not require any external programmer to update flash.

The SST89E516RDx and SST89V516RDx are members of the FlashFlex family of 8-bit microcontroller products designed and manufactured with SST’s patented and proprietary SuperFlash CMOS semiconductor process technology.


Mr. Arpit Mehta


3rd Floor, 3c , Manek Chambers, above vasant bhuvan, LAMINGTON ROAD, GRANT ROAD,, Mumbai 400007