Pressure Transmitter

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Product Specification

Pressure transmitters are completely packaged pressure sensors converting a pressure signal into a standardized, electrical output signal. They can be integrated into machines or used under harsh environmental conditions in outdoor applications.

AMS 4710 is a pressure transmitter series with 0 .. 10 V voltage output featuring a miniaturized design and high accuracy in a temperature range from -25 to 85 °C. Its robust plastic package is dust- and water-tight (protection class IP67) and equipped with barbed side ports for pressure connection and a M5 circular sensor connector for electrical connection. The series AMS 4710 comprises absolute, relative and differential pressure transmitters in a multitude of pressure ranges from 5 mbar up to 2 bar. With their compact dimensions, the supply voltage range of 12 .. 36 V and the extensive temperature compensation AMS 4710 are versatile and especially suitable for the machine and instrument producing industry.

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Product Details

  • AMS 3011 – Industrial 0.. 5 V Pressure Transmitter
  • AMS 3012 – Industrial 4 .. 20 mA Pressure Transmitter
  • AMS 4710 – Industrial 0 .. 10 V Pressure Transmitter
  • AMS 4711 – Industrial 0 .. 5 V Pressure Transmitter
  • AMS 4712 – Industrial 4 .. 20 mA Pressure Transmitter