PIC18F4620 I/P

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Product Specification

SPECIFICATIONS - PIC18F4620 I/P - Microchip

  • C compiler optimized RISC architecture
  • Internal oscillator support-31KHz to 8MHz with 4xPLL
  • A fail-safe clock monitor allows a safe shutdown if the clock fails
  • Watchdog timer with separate RC oscillator
  • An integrated LCD driver module, capable of driving 48 segments and 4 commons for LCD display
  • 10-bit ADC, 12 channels, and 100K samples per second
  • The programmable low voltage detection module
  • Programmable brown-out-reset module
  • EUSART module including LIN bus support
  • Run, idle, and sleep modes
  • Idle mode currents down to 5.8µA typical
  • Sleep mode currents down to 0.1µA typical
  • Supplier's original packaging: Tube

FEATURES - PIC18F4620 I/P - Microchip

  • Employing crystal or ceramic resonators, four crystal modes
  •  Two external clock modes allow for the use of either one pin (oscillator input with the other pin reassigned as general I/O) or two pins (oscillator input plus a divide-by-4 clock output).
  •  Two additional RC oscillator modes share the same pin configurations as external clock modes.
  • An internal oscillator block that offers a total of 8 clock frequencies, 6 user-selectable clock frequencies between 125 kHz and 4 MHz, an INTRC source (about 31 kHz), and an 8 MHz clock. The two oscillator pins are made available for further general-purpose use with this option. I/O
  • A Phase Lock Loop (PLL) frequency multiplier may be used with the Internal Oscillator and High-Speed Crystal modes to increase clock speeds up to 40 MHz. Without the need for an external crystal or clock circuit, the PLL provides users with a full range of clock rates, from 31 kHz to 32 MHz, when used with the internal oscillator.The internal oscillator block offers a steady reference source in addition to serving as a clock source, giving the family additional capabilities for reliable operation:
  • Fail-Safe Clock Monitor: Using an internal oscillator as a reference signal, this option continuously checks the primary clock source. The controller switches to the internal oscillator block in the event of a clock breakdown, enabling safe application shutdown or ongoing low-speed operation.
  • Two-Speed Start-up: Until the principal clock source is available, this option enables the inner oscillator to act as the master clock from Power-on Reset or wake the device from the Sleep state.
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Product Details

PIC18F4620 I/P is an enhanced Flash Microcontroller with 10-bit A/D and nanoWatt technology. This offers ten different oscillator options, allowing users a wide range of choices in developing application hardware. This device offers a total of seven operating modes for more efficient power management. These modes provide a variety of options for selective power conservation in applications where resources may be limited. As a Harvard architecture device, the data and program memories use separate busses, this allows for concurrent access to the two memory spaces. The data EEPROM, for practical purposes, can be regarded as a peripheral device, since it is addressed and accessed through a set of control registers.

PIC18F4620 I/P - Microchip - This series has long-endurance, Enhanced Flash program memory in addition to the benefits of all PIC18 microcontrollers, such as great computational performance at a reasonable price. The PIC18F2525/2620/4525/4620 series adds design improvements on top of these characteristics, making these microcontrollers an obvious candidate for several high-performance, power-sensitive applications.

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