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Product Specification


• One million erasure/writing cycles Standard enhanced FLASH programme memory

• Data EEPROM memory with 1,000,000 erase/write cycles

• Data EEPROM and FLASH Retention: > 40 Years

• Self-reprogrammable under software control

• Oscillator Start-up Timer, Power-on Reset, and Power-up Timer (OST)

• Watchdog Timer (WDT) for dependable operation with on-chip RC oscillator

Programmable code defence

• Power saving SLEEP mode

  • The 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter module (A/D) is appropriate for:

- High sampling speed
- Conversion is possible when SLEEPING
- Linearity less than 1 LSb

• Supports interrupt on-Low Voltage Detection with Programmable Low Voltage Detection (PLVD)

• Brown-out reset with programmability (BOR)

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Product Details

These components are available in 40/44 and 28-pin packages. There is no Parallel Slave Port (PSP) implemented in the 28-pin devices, and there are only 5 channels available for Analog-to-Digital (A/D) converter input.

The "RC" and "RCIO" device choices provide further cost reductions for applications that are not timing-sensitive. The supply voltage, the values of the resistors (REXT) and capacitors (CEXT), as well as the operating temperature, all influence the RC oscillator frequency. The oscillator frequency will also vary from unit to unit as a result of typical process parameter change.


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