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Product Specification

Special Microcontroller Features: 
• Typical FLASH programme memory with 1,000 erase/write cycles

• Oscillator Start-up Timer, Power-on Reset, and Power-up Timer (OST)

• For dependable operation, Watchdog Timer (WDT) has an on-chip RC oscillator.

Programmable code defence

• Sleep mode, which saves power

• Variable oscillator choices

• Using two pins for ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming)

• Program memory read access for the processor

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Product Details

Since each 14-bit word in the programme memory is the same width as a device instruction, the 2K words in the programme memory correspond to 2048 instructions. The RAM's data memory has 128 bytes.
There are 22 I/O pins that may be individually configured by the user. Other device functionalities are multiplexed with some pins. These activities include of:

• Outside interruption

• Modification on PORTB interrupt

Input for the Timer0 clock

• Clock/oscillator Timer1

• Take, Compare, and PWM

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