N-channel MOSFET

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Product Specification

Heet Electro Devices is an Authorized Distributor of CDIL components in India

CDIL's darlington transistors, small signal transistors, power transistors and metal can transistors are built with RoHS compliant terms that ensures reliability and performance over the ages. Continental Device India Ltd (CDIL) is a world wide leader that manufactures a wide range of industry standard transistors including small signal transistors, power transistors, metal can transistors and darlington transistors.

Application Inverter, UPS, Stabilizer, Power Supply, PWM applications

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Product Details

  • CD58N06 
  • CDD58N06
  • CD80N08
  • 2N7002K
  • CD10N80
  • CDF9N03
  • CDM2323DS
  • CDN1308EDL
  • CD8433A
  • CDD15N10
  • BSS84