Metal Oxide Varistor

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Metal Oxide Varistor
Cedicom Electronics manufactures a wide range of METAL OXIDE VARISTORS (MOV'S) for Surge Protection Application. The AC power line environment contains electrical high voltage transients/surges due to lighting, line to ground faults, short circuits fuse blow, switching on and off heavy electrical machinery and many more causes. 

The MOV's are voltage dependent, non-linear devices which are manufactured using semi conducting metal oxides and has a current (1), voltage (V) characteristics given by the following equation 1=KVn where K is a Parametric constant and 'n' in the non-linear factor.

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Heet Electro Devices is an Authorized Distributor of CEDICOM Product in India.
the company has specialized in the production of High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitors, Metal Oxide Varistors