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Product Specification


High CMRR opto-coupler built-in (VCMR: Typical 30 kV/s, Minimum 15 kV/s)

Optocouplers used to electrically isolate the input and output (Viso=2500,VRMS for 1 minute).

interface for TTL-compatible input

topology with two supply drives

Integrated short circuit protection system with a fault output pin



To drive IGBT modules for inverter, AC Servo systems, UPS, CVCF inverter, and welding applications

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Product Details

In any gate amplifier application, the hybrid integrated circuit M57962L is used to drive n-channel IGBT modules. By using an opto-coupler, this device serves as an isolation amplifier for these modules, ensuring the necessary electrical isolation between the input and output. A desaturation detector included into the device offers short circuit protection. If the short circuit protection is activated, a fault signal is given.


Mr. Arpit Mehta


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