LM2596 Step Down DC-DC Buck Converter 5V

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Product Specification


Features and Specifications

  • Input Voltage – 5V – 40V DC
  • Output Voltage – 5V DC 
  • Output Current – 2A, Max 3A (Additional Heat Sink is required)
  • Rectification – Non-Synchronous Rectification 
  • Thermal shutdown and current-limit protection 
  • Excellent line and load regulation specifications
  • High efficiency 


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Product Details

LM2596 Step-Down DC-DC Buck Converter 5V

The LM2596 module 5V is an easy-to-use, nonsynchronous, step-down DC-DC converter. The module can deliver 5V constant output with DC current load of 3A with excellent line and load regulation. If the current exceeds 2-A then heat sink is required. The recommended input is greater than 9v if the current draw is higher than 1A. 

External shutdown is included, featuring typically 80 μA standby current. Self-protection features include a two stage frequency reducing current limit for the output switch and an overtemperature shutdown for complete protection under fault conditions.