Alphanumeric Displays Two Digit

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Product Specification

Alphanumeric LED Displays from the Galaxy brand are used to show information in a form of Characters (Numbers or Alphabets), LED is used as a light source To provide extended characters in an LED segment format offer a range of alphanumeric displays.

Part Number HB5421Axx/Cxx
Format 16 Segment Alphanumeric LED Display, 2 Digit
Size  Alphanumeric Display 
Product 2 Digit Alphanumeric Display
Quality RoHS
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Product Details

Available Digit Size:  Alphanumeric Displays Two Digit

  • 1.5 inch 2 Digit Alphanumeric Display

Available Colors: Colors: Red, Green, Pure Green, Blue, White, Amber,

Drive: Common Anode & Common Cathode.

Alphanumeric displays are pretty neat. Use can Alphanumeric Displays to Display numbers, use them for letters, or both. They are of good size and bright for easy reading. The decimal digits aren’t connected, so keep that in mind when ordering. Alphanumeric LED Display by Asian Electronics provides a wide range of Alphanumeric LED Displays for Multiple applications Under the Brand Name GALAXY. The Alphanumeric LED Displays are used where Numerals (0~9), as well as Alphabets (A~Z), are to be displayed together. Asian Electronics Alphanumeric LED Displays to provide exceptional brightness at very low current. . Asian Electronics Alphanumeric LED Displays to have a long-life operation. Asian Electronics Alphanumeric LED Displays are cost-efficient and energy-efficient for various applications.

Features:  2 Digit Alphanumeric Display

  • dual digit sixteen segments LED display
  • Low power consumption
  • White segment and grey surface
  • GaP Green
  • X=1: Common Cathode or 0: Common Anode

Applications: 2 Digit Alphanumeric Display

  • Household electronics—–DVD/VCD player, Induction cooker, Microwave oven, Air-conditioner, E-fan, Washing machine, Soya-bean milk machine, etc.
  • Factory/company equipment——-Instrument panels, Digital read-out display, Calendar, Smart meter, Electronic scale, etc.
  • Elevator/lift, Bank exchange rate display, Led clock display, Led oil price display for a gas station, and other different display areas of equipment/machine
  • Medical Instrument

Specifications:  2 Digit Alphanumeric Display

  • Colors: Red, Green, Pure Green, Blue, White, Amber,
  • Dul Colour: Red and Green, Red and Pure Green, etc,
  • Current – Test:20mA
  • Digit/Alpha Size:0.5″
  • Display Type:16-Segment, Alphanumeric
  • Millicandela Rating:3mcd
  • Number of Characters:1
  • Power Dissipation (Max):70mW
  • Voltage – Forward (Vf) (Typ):2V
  • Wavelength – Peak:570nm

Certification & Compliance:  2 Digit Alphanumeric Display

  • TS16949
  • ISO9001
  • RoHS Compliant