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Product Specification


four 10-bit DACs packaged together

Available Serial and Parallel Loading Facilities
Quad 10-Bit Parallel Loading AD7805

3.3 to 5 volts of operation

Energy-Saving Mode

Reset on power-up

All DACs/Single DACs in Standby Mode

All CMOS Low Power Construction

Resolution in 10 bits

DAC Registers with Dual Buffers

Capability for two external references



Laser Disk Drives

Systems for Instrumentation and Communication

Voltage setpoint control and process control

Replacement of the trimpotentiometer

Calibration automatically

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Product Details

Quad/octal 10-bit digital-to-analog converters with serial load capabilities are the AD7804/AD7808, while parallel load capabilities are provided by the AD7805/AD7809. With an on-chip reference, these components run off a +3.3 V to +5 V power supply. These DACs produce signals known as VBIAS as their output. Internally, VBIAS is used to create VSWING. There are two types of on-chip control registers: channel control registers and system control registers. All of the DACs in the package are controlled by the system control register. Individual DAC control is possible thanks to the channel control registers. Using an on-chip Sub DAC, the whole transfer function of each individual DAC may be moved around the VBIAS point. Double buffered data inputs are present in all DACs, enabling simultaneous updating of all analogue outputs.


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