3MM RED LED (pack of 50)

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Product Specification

Features of 3mm Red LED

  1. 3mm Round Water Clear LED Lamp
  2. For LED light, indication, illumination
  3. Viewing angle: 40 degree
  4. UV resistant epoxy
  5. With lowest power consumption, long life, and super bright

Specifications 0f 3mm RED LED

  • Diameter (mm) : 3
  • Forward Voltage (V) : 1.63 ~ 2.03
  • Viewing Angle : 30°
  • Wavelength (nm) :635
  • LED Brightness (MCD) : 2500

Package Includes:
50 xLED 3mm Clear

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Product Details

3mm RED DIP LED | Through Hole Dip LED

It's a RED DIP LED with a diameter of 3mm. When triggered, an LED is a two-lead semiconductor device that generates light. When a suitable voltage is given to the LED terminal, the electrons within the device are enabled to rejoin with the electron holes and produce power in the form of photons. Electroluminescence is the name for this phenomenon. The energy bandgap of the semiconductor determines the colour of the LED.

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