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Product Specification


High Current Capability: 17 A IC

150 W is a high power dissipation.

• 30 MHz, High Frequency

• VCEO = 250 V for high voltage

• A Broad S.O.A. for Reliable Operation

High Gain Linearity with Low THD

• Addition to 2SA1943/FJL4215

• There are thermal and electrical spice models.

• The same transistor is also offered in the following packages: 
TO3P (2SC5242/FJA4313): 130 Watts; 
TO220 (FJP5200): 80 Watts; and 
TO220F (FJPF5200): 50 Watts.

• These gadgets comply with RoHS and are Pb-free.


• Amplification Device for High-Definition Audio

• Multipurpose Power Amplifier

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Product Details

Bipolar Transistors - BJT NPN 230V 15A 150W

NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor


Mr. Arpit Mehta


3rd Floor, 3c , Manek Chambers, above vasant bhuvan, LAMINGTON ROAD, GRANT ROAD,, Mumbai 400007