16*2 LCD

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Product Specification

Display format: 16 Characters across 2 Lines

•TN/STN display mode

Positive Transflective Display Type

•LED backlight (B/5.0V)

• Viewing angle: six o'clock

•Range of operating temperatures — indoor

•Driver voltage: Single power

•1/16 duty, 1/5 bias driving technique

•COB as the kind (Chip On Board)

•Data line count — 8-bit parallel

Pin connector

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Product Details

An LSI controller with two 8-bit registers, an instruction register (IR), and a data register is integrated into the LCD display module (DR).
The IR carries address data for the character generator and display data RAM (DDRAM), as well as instruction codes for things like display clear and cursor shift (CGRAM). Only the MPU may write to the IR. Data that will be read or written from DDRAM or CGRAM is momentarily stored in the DR. Data from DDRAM or CGRAM is first saved in the DR after address information is put into the IR. These two registers can be chosen using the register selector (RS) signal.

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