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Precious Electronics Pvt Ltd is an authorized distributor for over 20 global electronic component manufacturers & domestic brands that are industry leading suppliers. Precious Electronics Pvt Ltd is constantly expanding its line card to give engineers and buyers the largest selection of the latest semiconductors and components. Precious Electronics Pvt Ltd has the largest selection of many of the useful items you would use to build your project.

Precious Electronics Pvt Ltd has grown exponentially and is a leading distributor of Electronic Components across India. We have a head office in the buzzing city of Mumbai, Lamington Road (The Hub of Electronic Components Market). Our product range includes a broad spectrum of electronic components such as microcontrollers, memory devices, linear ICs, logic ICs, diodes, transistors, timing solution devices, crystals, clock oscillators, connectors and interconnect products, capacitors, and resistors.

Brands: Diotec Semiconductor | Neotroniks Pvt. Ltd | SCHURTER Electronics |  Elcom International Pvt Ltd | Reliance Electronics | Mfr Electronic Components Pvt Ltd |Cermet Resistronics Private Limited | Glan Electronics Co. Ltd | MIKRON Control Co/ Elmech Industries | Variturn Electro Products (P) Ltd. | Anabond Limited | Namolectric Controls | Uni-Automation (I) Pvt Ltd. | Integral Systems & Components Pvt Ltd | Viking Tech Corporation | Yetda Industry Ltd. | Pla Components | Epcos | UN Semiconductor co. Ltd | SEMICOM LEDs | SKAP Components | RADCOM Components | Edison Opto Corporation | Ledlink Optics Inc. | TEAMTEC| MAXTOR | ACP | RAPID Semiconductor | Deltron Components | BT Solder | Jackon Electrolytic Capacitors
Teknic | Kyota

Components: Antistatic Wrist Strap,  ESD tools, Soldering irons, Desoldering Pumps, POWER HEAT,Solid State Relays, HRC Fuses, Bridge Rectifiers, Thermal Pads,THERMAL COMPOUND, Heat Sink Compounds, Thermal Glue, Silicone Sealant, Expoxy, LED'S, LED’s for Indicators, LED’s for Lighting, Secondary Optics, LED Drivers, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Fuses, Fuses Holder’s, Switches, Power Cords, Banana Sockets, Banana plugs, Displays, MOV’s, Relays, SKAP RELAYS, Diodes, Transistors, Bridge Rectifiers, Voltage regulators, MOSFET’s, Crystal
Communication IC’s, Resettable fuses, MOV’s, TMOV’s, Modules, Gas Discharge Fuses, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Opto Sensors

Address: Chotani Building, 52-C, Proctor Road, Grant Road (E) Mumbai – 400 007 Maharashtra.


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